Gluten Test:
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

Test #: 1 of 2

Test Method: Nima Sensor

Test Sensitivity: Qualitative

Performed: September 25, 2019

Test Result: Gluten Free (PPM Unknown)

(Result as indicated by test kit. Gluten content in PPM is an approximation)

Test Synopsis

This is the first test on Lawry's Seasoned Salt.  It was conducted on September 25, 2019, using the Nima Sensor gluten testing device.

This test resulted in a smiley face from the Nima Sensor, which means that the device did not detect gluten in the sample.  Be aware that the Nima sensor is a qualitative test device.  This means that it cannot determine or estimate the amount of gluten in a food sample.  Rather, it simply provides a yes/no answer as to whether it detects gluten.

Please keep in mind that the information on this page represents the result of a single gluten test.  For more complete information on this product's gluten-free status, including the results of any additional tests that may have been done, I recommend that you visit its Product Page.

NOTICE: This page represents a single gluten test for this product. One test may not accurately represent its true gluten-content. If additional tests have been performed, they will be shown below. You can also visit this item's Product Page for a summary of all tests that have been performed.

Test Procedure Video

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Product Information

Brand: Lawrys
Labeled GF? No

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