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Request A Test

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Do you have some favorite food products that you’d like to see tested?  Submit them here, and I’ll do my best to work them into my testing schedule!

First, let me set a few ground rules:

1. Keep in mind that submitting a food product here does not guarantee that I will test it.  There are numerous reasons for which I may not test a particular food, including cost and availability, among other things.

2. If I decide to test a particular food, it will be placed on a waiting list that includes other products that have also been submitted.  Depending on how many submissions I receive, it could possibly be a long time before I get to your particular submission.

3. Please submit only products that appear to be gluten-free.  Products that are clearly labeled gluten-free are eligible for testing, as well as products that appear to be gluten-free based on ingredient labeling, even though they may not be explicitly labeled gluten-free.  If a product is not clearly labeled gluten-free, please read the ingredient label, as well as the allergen labeling.  Pay close attention to the following:

        • If the ingredient label cites obvious gluten-containing ingredients, such as wheat, barley, rye, or malt.
        • If the allergen label lists “wheat”.

If either of the above conditions is true, please do not submit the product.

Are you ready to submit your product for testing?  Just fill out the following form:

Request A Test Submission Form

Is this product labeled gluten-free?

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