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by | Feb 29, 2020

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I want to welcome you to “Is It Truly Gluten Free?”.  What you’re viewing has been my pet project for the better part of two years now.  Not that it should have taken two years; but due to my family’s ongoing battle with chronic, unexplained illness—of which, celiac disease is a big factor—the path to completing this project has been fraught with delays.  So needless to say, I’m very pleased to finally have arrived at this point.

So what’s this all about?

Well, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, my family of eight (myself, my wife, Jill, and our six kids) has struggled with unexplained chronic health issues for years.  The two youngest kids and I seem to be the only ones who have thus far escaped its clutches.  It’s been an uphill battle, to say the least.  And celiac disease has played a somewhat outsized role in all of this.  I won’t delve any further into that story now, but if you’re interested, you can find it here, or over in the blog section of this site.  The Reader’s Digest version is that we’ve been on a rough ride for a while now, and the challenges associated with celiac disease have not helped matters.

Among the more frequent struggles that we’ve faced on our journey, is that of food choices for my wife and one daughter, both of whom have celiac disease.  Most everyone who has been on a gluten-free diet can relate to the difficulties inherent in living gluten-free.  So I guess above all, that’s what this is about: providing people with information that might help them to more easily navigate the gluten-free lifestyle.

Indeed, I hope that you find value in the information presented here—particularly the gluten tests.  And I hope it can help make your gluten-free journey through life a little easier.  My intent is to post new gluten tests and other information on a frequent basis.  If you’d like to keep abreast of these developments, you can subscribe to email updates (for free) in the right sidebar of this page.  Much of this information will also be posted to IITGF’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Additionally, videos of the test procedures will be posted to IITGF’s YouTube channel.  So feel free to follow or subscribe to IITGF on whichever of those platforms suits you.

How you can help

You can always help by mentioning “Is It Truly Gluten Free?” to others in your circle who might benefit from the information presented here.  In that same vein, following IITGF and spreading the word on social media is also helpful.  But also, please keep in mind that IITGF does not I require a monetary subscription in order to view the information presented here.  Yet it requires a substantial investment in time and money to perform the gluten tests and to keep the site up and running.  In order to cover the costs involved, I have opted to support this site [hopefully] through voluntary donations.  So if you find the information here helpful, and if you’re in a financial position where you can do so, would you please consider donating to support these efforts?  Doing so will go a long way toward keeping it sustainable.

Oh, and by the way…

Before I finish, I should make one quick mention regarding the status of test procedure videos.  If you’ve already looked at some of the gluten test pages, you may have noticed that these videos are not yet up.  They’ll be coming soon.  Unfortunately, the editing process for those videos has taken longer than I expected.  So I’ve opted to temporarily leave them out, in the interest of getting the site up and running.  So stay tuned for those.  I’ll insert them into the appropriate test posts as I get them finished.

Thanks for visiting!

I truly hope that your visit here will be helpful to you and/or your loved ones.  Check back often for updates!  Hopefully, as time progresses, IITGF can help provide you with answers to that question most frequently asked by gluten sensitives and sufferers of celiac disease: “Is It Truly Gluten Free?”


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